Is it wrong to wish summer away?

A shocking suggestion I know, but I am just so ready for the change of season. First of all, I absolutely love Autumn - the crisp cool weather (but not quite cold), the first frost that puts an end to the dreaded ragweed, yummy sweaters and beautiful Fall colours, and curling up with a good book or movie on the occasional rainy day (which I will actually be able to enjoy from the comfort of my own living room).

And this year I have another new seasonal inspiration - the Fall edition of Interweave Knits. Some neat articles and absolutely beautiful patterns.

Once I finish Rowan Foxtail (because I do actually try to work on only one major project at a time - I'm a slow enough knitter without trying to multi-task) I am really looking forward to moving on to the Minimalist Cardigan. What a great incentive to keep those needles clicking. And once again, it's a bit of dreaming since it will probably be next fall before I'll actually fit into either sweater again (hee hee).

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