The 95% Confession

I love knitting. After being raised in a 'crafty' household it took me years to pick up needles and get serious about this particular craft, but from that first weekend spent casting on with my sister I was hooked (well, that would actually be crocheting I guess...another pursuit that I'm just starting to get into). Anyways the point is, I love knitting. But here is my dilemma.

I don't love finishing.

With a few major projects behind me now, I am recognizing a pattern (I can't seem to avoid puns in this post?!?). I knit up all the various pieces and am excited to be holding recognizable elements of whatever I'm working on, but stifle a groan at the thought of actually sewing them together. Forget about blocking! I think I reach 95% and then find myself so anxious to dive into the next project (which is usually taunting me from the stash basket) that I just move on without tying up loose ends (literally).

This wasn't a big issue in the early days while I was figuring out the basics, not investing very much in my yarn, and not necessary knitting things I was passionate about. But now that I've started treating myself to good quality materials and projects that I actually get excited about wearing and sharing - it's become a bit of an obstacle. And now that I'm blogging (and supposedly about my knitting) it would actually be nice to have some completed projects for show and tell. When I read other people's knitting blogs, I swear they must stay awake 24-7 completing all of the beautiful pieces they have to share.

The latest project in question - the Baby Baseball Sweater. I am thrilled to say that I have completed all the pieces, and YES I have stitched them together (and with a whole 7 weeks to go before the baby is even here - not to mention the additional 3 months before he/she will even fit in it). All that is left is for me to sew on two little buttons and 'block' - something I've never actually done. Since this is a small sweater I figure it's the perfect opportunity to start a new habit and make the extra effort to complete the sweater properly. And yet I've been meaning to do this for about 5 days now and looking over, I see the sweater waiting patiently in my knitting basket. "Block me. Block me. Please, for the love of Debbie Bliss, block me."

So there it is folks. I have shared my sin and now, having gone public with my procrastination, I will feel suitably shamed into finishing this WIP (work in progress) before another weekend passes.

In other news, I am 25 rows away from completing the top half of Foxtail (which, for lazy finishers like myself, is actually knit in only two pieces and requires blessed little sewing to make up). Since I am the self-proclaimed slowest knitter in the world though, I promise to take a picture part-way through since it will still probably take me a while to finish off the lower body.

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Lisa Anne said...

Dude, are you my long lost twin who looks nothing like me? I knit sloooow and don't reach 95% done often. I have half a sleeve left on a beautiful sweater (yarn and pattern = 100+), one sock (with fancy sock yarn i.e. not cheap), a third of a scarf, the toe of another sock and now? Working on a shrug. Oh well ;)