After being on the waiting list for about two months I just received my e-mail invite to join Ravelry as a beta tester. It's a really cool site that lets you organize and share knitting/crocheting projects and stash info. It also has a tonne of forums to interact with other knitters. It's still a work in progress and being updated before it goes totally public but it's already really awesome and I had lots of fun this morning entering info about the current projects I have on the go (not that the list is very long). In order to add pictures to the site you need a Flikr account (through Yahoo) but that is also lots of fun to play with and something I'll be able to add shortly to this blog.

Click here to find out what Ravelry is all about and get yourself on the waiting list to sign-up. It's free with a donation option available only if you choose to support.

What a great way to spend a gray Friday morning.

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Lisa said...

Ooooh! Send me your name so I can add you as a friend!