26 Post Challenge (G)

G is for gifts being sewn.

Gifts for a goodie-making girl who has gone away to do a great thing. She has lots of gumption, that goodie-making girl. She didn't go as far as Goderich, but far none-the-less. We miss her lots and lots. And now I have to get to going onto sewing because by now, the goodie-making girl will have gathered that a set of four is in the works. She'll be expecting them by general mail in no time flat.

Gee. I hope she'll be grateful when her gift if finished!?!

And if this post makes very little sense to you...then clearly you are not the goodie-making girl I've been going on about. But that doesn't mean that there aren't gifts in your future too.


Have a great weekend and I'll be back with H before too long.

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tania said...

this is great!