Mixed Bag

We've had busy days lately which should mean Spring will be here in no time. In spare moments though (and somehow they suddenly seem very limited due to that wonderful rolling thing and suspicion that a first tooth is in the works) some slow progress is being made.

Some preparations for Julia's Flower Tote (to match the daycare pillow which she loves). I seriously need to sit down and review Purl Bee's handy cutting tutorial. I managed to do a good job of squaring things up but I know there is a more surefire and efficient method.

And thanks to some driving time last weekend, the first front for the Minimalist Cardigan is done. I'm onto the second now and yes, two months in and I'm still in love with Moss Stitch.
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Lisa said...

I'm impressed with your love of the moss stitch. It makes me go batty!