What? When? Where?

What day is it? What month is it? I actually find myself having to stop and work out the answer to these questions several times on a daily basis.

It doesn't help that hubby worked the weekend and has been taking days off during the week. Add to the equation a daylight savings time change that I somehow completely overlooked until half-way through the next morning when I noticed that the computer was displaying a different time then every other appliance in the house. As a final blow, we have the Easter weekend arriving meaning one less day at the daycare for Princess. So I am caught constantly thinking it's Sunday...or Monday?...when actually it's Wednesday. But the fact that it's Wednesday doesn't really have the same meaning when the weekend is going to be hubby-less again and include an extra day of "I'm bored mama. What should we do now mama? Are you awake mama? Mama?". So I guess Friday now becomes hump day and that is ... pause to calculate ... two days away.

As for the weather, we are surrounded by snow but swing between sunshine and rain. Birds are singing and puddles are forming, but we're still wearing scarves and boots. Spring is in the air but winter is holding steady on the ground.

So in the meantime I'm stopping to bring a glimpse of spring indoors and looking at the calendar and windows regularly until it becomes a reality outside.

Tulip bulbs that I suspect one could sit and watch open with a little patience.
And more and more and more tulips along with the inspiring Interweave Knits for Spring 2008. So many amazing patterns for the new season.
The flower bag finished at long last. Julia actually squealed when she saw it and later on spontaneously said "Thank you for making my bag mama. I LOVE it." (Daddy swears he didn't prompt her). If only she could stay this easy to please.

And some early Easter sweets.

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Anonymous said...

I love Julia's flower bag too...thank you for making it!!!