26 Post Challenge (I)

The past weekend, I was all about IKEA.

Let me start by saying that IKEA is actually an oasis for moms!

1. You never walk away empty handed. Sometimes the trip costs several hundreds of dollars (although that doesn't happen often) and sometimes it's as little as $4.98 (but we rarely stop at that point either).

2. It counts as a field trip for the kids, right? Julia thinks the entire store is just a huge playland waiting to be discovered (and she is absolutely correct!). Bonus prize: With all that walking/running/climbing around she is guaranteed to have a nap on the way home (which thankfully continued into a nap on the couch).

3. FAMILY WASHROOMS complete with stepping stools, oversized stalls and changing stations (and I'm talking about a real honest to goodness change table accompanied by actual covers, wipes, and even diapers at times).

4. $1.99 kids meal. Meatballs, French Fries and Chocolate Milk. Three of princess' favourite foods in a completely kid friendly environment and without any ridiculous plastic toys which I'll find underfoot for one week and then be randomly required to find for months to come (not to mention the renewed concerns about choking hazards and I won't even get into the whole 'where it's made' thing). And for feeding the prince...

5. The best nursing areas you'll find away from home! Not only do they have locking, fully furnished, diaper station equipped and lighting sensitive nursing rooms, but this weekend we discovered the Nursing Oasis. Right there in the cafeteria (because why shouldn't the babies get to eat where everyone else does?) we found three privacy partitioned areas complete with armchairs (just as nice as the ones you find in the showroom), IKEA art and even a cafe table and chair in case your partner is joining you. Awesome! We got to enjoy lunch together as a family, and when Matthew wanted his turn I had privacy and comfort without having to roam half-way through the store and arrange a meeting spot while maintaining cell-phone contact in case something changed along the way (because that's what happens when you become a family with more than one child).

I could go on for hours about the wonder of IKEA, but instead I'll move onto sharing our weekend's favourite finds (not in the hundreds of dollars category).

A pack of dishtowels which are going to be transformed into aprons thanks to Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. If you haven't already, check her out at Angry Chicken.

Napkins for Spring Dining (outdoor dining in the not so distant future I hope)

And an IKEA mystery purchase which I am saving for a different letter of the alphabet. Ha ha...now you'll have to come back regularly! (unless you can translate the Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Polski, Cesky, Slovensky or Magyar descriptions).

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Kristin said...

They are really genius. At this point in my IKEA career I am starting to feel that they give me an hononary degree.