A Post in Which I Cut, Tie and Curl

Voila! The Cutter Bee. A handy little retractable knife that I recently purchased along with a bundle of scrapbooking paper.

I haven't done much scrapbooking (not for lack of interest, just lack of motivation) but after today's activities I can understand the addiction to paper and a blade. I foresee lots of scrappy projects in my future (great, yet another hobby but still waiting for that 25th hour to be added to the day).

But on the list of tasks for today, top ranking went to decorating loot gifts for Julia's birthday party this weekend. After lots of searching for something affordable but fun, I was so excited to find some colourful, summer-loving and very unisex bubble gift packs.

With such a cool ready-to-go package and in an effort to reduce waste, Julia and I had a fun afternoon of cutting ribbon (predictably and with caution, all Julia) and tying it on the top (surprisingly and with patience, all Julia). Then I stepped up to the plate with my cutterbee and made labels out of some perfectly suited bubble-theme paper.

A few more "through the rabbit hole" ties from tiny fingers and a quick curl with the scissors (another mama job) and we are ready to party. Well, almost ready; the to-do list is still looking a little longer than I would like.

The purple one is for the birthday girl of course. It's good to give and receive.

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Auntie M said...

but how can she be tying strings, her hands should still be shaking from all the sugar...