TheTrouble With Subscriptions...

I'm happy to report that the second arm for Minimalist Cardigan was bound off last night. And then I promptly fell asleep on the couch, missing the last 10 minutes of the same Tudors episode we've been watching for three days. But since we only have one episode of Season 1 left, perhaps this isn't a bad thing; we're savoring the enjoyment.

Next up is blocking, which Ravelry tells me this pattern needs (and if the Rav forums say so, then who am I to argue). And now for a confession - I've never actually blocked anything and am throwing the word around with only a theoretical understanding. I've talked about it lots but in the end it's never seemed necessary (I guess I'm a pretty flat knitter or something?) I have lots of good resources to guide me though, so this will be a knitting adventure for the week.

Now, onto the trouble with subscriptions. In thinking about my next project I set my sights on Printed Silk Cardigan or Jaden (which are still tied in votes here and are both trailing behind over at Sexy Knitters Club). I have all of that delicious Young Touch yarn waiting to go and was just about ready to say "Forget SKC, I'm flipping a coin and charging ahead." And then I saw this casually sitting on the kitchen table this morning...

Oh, be still my beating knitter's heart! I'd actually forgotten ordering this subscription way back in February. (Since they'd run out of the Spring issue there was a one issue delay, which seems to be pretty typical for IK) Drop what you are doing and find yourself a copy immediately (ok, maybe not you Dad). I've never knit anything for summer (because hey, I've only been doing this for 2.5 years and it takes me about half a year to finish a project) but I am in love with the patterns in this issue. Like this one...and this one...oh and this one...oh they're all so yummy.

So what's a girl supposed to do? I know, I know - knit them all - but what do I knit first?

Take a breath ... commit to my first choices ... commit.

Hmmm. How much longer until my kids start knitting? I bet those tiny little fingers would be quick. Hmmm.

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