Boxing Day

You'll notice a new category label on this blog: Repurposing.

Yup. I'm keeping my eyes open to new and creative possibilities around here. Now, I am by no means a 'pack rat' (i.e. my infamous "If I haven't worn it in a year then it doesn't belong in my closet" rule) and have never really caught the thrifting and antiquing bug (although maybe I just haven't found the right treasure). But sometimes folks, it's just so easy to find extra ways to respect the resources you have on hand – it just takes a very minor shift in outlook and a little bit of time. And of course you'll need to throw in a small helping of creativity. When you're done, I guarantee you will feel good about you've done (and the opportunity you would have otherwise wasted – no literally, you just avoided creating more waste).

So here goes my inaugural repurposing post. Let me introduce you to the object formerly known as 'box'; a long, pristine, blank canvas of a box, from Ikea to be exact (more on the contents in another post because I plan to 'repurpose' this topic).

15 minutes plus an exacto-knife.

And we now have the base for a finger puppet theatre. We'll be painting this, adding some curtains (from some recent 'repurposed clothing scraps') and enjoying a line-up of free summer stock puppet productions.

But wait, there's more. We also have this magnificent pile of perfect cardboard squares just waiting for inspiration to strike.

I've already got a few early ideas: mounting some favourite kiddie artpieces, painting them white and then using them as canvases, covering them with cotton bating and fabric to make light-weight hanging frames, backing for a crafted picture puzzle, covers for home-made albums and drawing books for Jules to fill-up over the summer months.

Now before you say "Lady, it's a box. Get out more", let me remind you that you just took the time to read this entire post. There's something to this repurposing thing. Go on – you know you wanna.

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