Feeling Stuck

Lately I'm feeling sort of lost in the stuck-zone.

I'm stuck in a good book. I don't mean I "have my nose stuck in a book", but rather I'm stuck moving no further forward even though the book I'm reading is good. I think I really need to get my nose stuck in this book, but I don't seem to get an uninterrupted block of time (that I don't want to use for some other hedonistic purpose...like cleaning, or blogging). I am convinced that if I could sit down in a quiet room (or perhaps a bubble bath since this is a daydream) and just read for one or two hours straight I would finally make some headway and get past this one page that I seem to keep reading again and again. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about. It's like the time-warp page that I keep removing the bookmark from and then replacing it to after reading just a couple of sentences. And each time I pick the book up I end up rereading the same few sentences while I try to remember where I left off. Reading this book in 1-2 minute increments just isn't doing it justice, and if I could just make it past this page, then a few more, and maybe even a chapter or two, I know I could start motoring my way along to the end of the book; a book which I know I will really enjoy ("The Master" - see my Good Reads feed to the right for details). So if there isn't a post entry tomorrow, you'll know where I am and how I'm spending the time (unless that cleaning starts calling - although it wouldn't the first time I've ignored it).

I'm stuck between knitting projects. Minimalist Cardigan is done - off the needles, blocked, sewn together, done like dinner. I'll share a picture as soon as the photographer and I are in the same room and unoccupied for more than five minutes. And I know there was lots of feedback about which pattern to knit next but quite honestly, none of them are working with the yarn I have in my stash (believe me, I've tried casting on two different patterns at least four different times and it just isn't happening). And for some reason I just don't feel motivated to go the LYS (after last week's money pit drain I think I'm actually just tired of spending money). Although I really want to be knitting something, I just don't seem to be able to motivate myself to get a new project started. So I'm stuck in a knitting limbo. Although, I may be getting closer to moving ahead on this one. I actually have two skeins of yarn in front of me and I'm almost ready to just commit to any project they will work with (and then maybe my knitting mojo will suddenly reappear). Oh, and I've ordered myself some major inspiration from KnitPicks online (hooray for the strong Canadian dollar...in this case anyways). I should be able to share my new toy with you in about 5-14 business days. And maybe I'll just stay stuck until then. I could use this time to finish up the grafting and seaming on my Foxtail project (which I started last summer and then seemed to abandon once I finished all of the pieces).

So there you have it folks. I'm feeling stuck. But now that I've shared some of my stuck-ed-ness, perhaps I can get unstuck. Because if I don't get off the train at 'stuck', the next stop is 'a rut', and it's really really hard to get unstuck from a rut. So read lots and knit anything - those are the goals for the week.

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