Saying Goodbye (Part I)

Times, they are a-changing here at Home. Last week was Julia's final day in pre-school at the daycare where she's spent huge parts of her days and weeks over the past three years.

So for the past week there's been lots of crafting, gift making and my new favourite - card making.

It's a craft that we can both get in on, and once the assembly line is in motion, it is a great focused hour of activity. And really - cutting, gluing and playing with pretty paper is a fun time at any age.

As a perfect conclusion to the daycare experience ... Jules was sick on her last day of 'little school' (which seemed to bother me a whole lot more than it bothered her). But that just meant an extra special personal visit yesterday.

Tears were shared (again, not on Julia's part whatsoever) and now it's time to get ready for BIG SCHOOL. The transition begins later this week (at which point I may actually be shedding tears of joy when I reclaim some of the knitting time that seems to have disappeared with the Impatient Princess at home).

So far she seems really excited at the prospect of school. I'm waiting for the ball to drop and reality to kick in.

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