School Daze

Day 1 of Big Kid School photo op. Check!

Backpack. Check!

Juicy new indoor shoes for Big Kid School. Check!

Milk sign-up form ("Chocolate, chocolate please mama. I LOVE chocolate."). Check!

Jr. Kindergarten will last for 1 whole hour today. 1/2 day on Wednesday and by Friday we'll be up a whole day of (knitting time) learning.

I should probably be a sobbing mess - but really, after a whole week of pre-kindergarden buildup (to be read as completely random acts of backchat and temper tantrums) I'm really just enjoying the promise of a few quiet hours of routine again this week. Oh, and the fact that Dad did the drop-off probably helped...ha ha.

Jules was SO excited to be going to school today ("It's call JK mom! JK!"). After last week's 1/2 hour 'preview', the memory of exciting new things to play with and discover kept her motivated all weekend. Yes Julia, you're a JK girl now.

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Patty said...

Wow. I bet the time has really flown for you too, hasn't it? J can't wait to get out into the world and some part of you wants her to stay just the perfect size she is. Sigh. Bittersweet moments!