These glorious in-between days are sunny enough to make being outside a pure joy, but a crisp enough reminder that far colder weather is right around the corner. And somehow, knowing how fleeting Fall is, just makes me want to enjoy it all that much more.

And when you are just a little too big for your trike, but not quite tall enough for the training-wheel variety - this is perfect time of year for scootin' through the leaves. (Yup, that's a t-shirt. Yup, it was that warm last week. Nope, it didn't last).

This ride is pink, princess and pimped - something about decals makes for a sweet ride!

Name: "Scooter Girl"
Her Mission (as she chose to define it): Deliver make-belief items to make-belief people in make-belief lands.
My mission (whether I wanted to accept it or not): Hang out in the garden and pretend to be make-belief people with make-belief things to be delivered. I'm cool with that.

And this ride should be enjoyed to the max, because it was earned with TWENTY gold stars for premium behaviour. Under our new house rules system, complete with rewards and punishments, I've been thrilled to find that we're giving out more gold stars than warning cards. I'll have to share our new fridge legislation another day. (Yup, there's a Word file)

And of course, snacks are always a requirement on the scooter circuit (aka the driveway). All top scooter pros know that you need at least one gummy bear per lap.

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