Snow : Shoes

This weekend, a long overdue introduction was made.

"Shoes - Meet snow!"

And after a two-month lapse, a Sunday morning run was a great first step back into routine. The extra inch or so of snow that fell again last night wasn't expressly ordered but on the bright side, it did provide a bit of extra grip (or potential cushioning if my fear of hitting ice and eating the road became a reality).

Thanks to a bit of retail therapy, even the threat of -19c with the windchill didn't deter me. 'Snug as a bug in a rug' wouldn't best describe winter running, but 'briskly refreshing' isn't that far from the truth either.

In the end it was a great start to a sunny day, and left me refreshed, smiling, and thankfully vertical. It's official - I am an all-season runner.

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Tim said...

Guess it's a little late for comment on winter running, but good for you! Amanda and I had some good winter runs back in high school. I keep it restricted to the gym treadmill these days in the winter, but it is amazing how quickly the body warms up running on a cold day.