A Sweet Day

A perfect, sunny, casual, back-to-being-just-us-for-the-day Thursday.

A trip to the library and finding a copy of what I was looking for.

A walk along our small downtown main street with lots of window shopping along the way.

A visit to a favourite culinary shop. A jar of pie weights. A handful of terrific baking tips from a very friendly and very experienced pie maker. (details may follow next week - I'm cautiously optimistic when it comes to pastry though).

A very important stop at the Black Forest Bakery for two of their most divine cupcakes (depending on how tomorrow goes, I may wish I'd bought a pie).

A plan for a very quiet evening staying up late with wine and a good movie since another certain adult in the house won't be working tomorrow (oh sweet backup).

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Oh those cupcakes! That book is great, I'm glad you found it!