All in a Row

Despite a very long to-do list and twelve guests arriving in less than 48 hours, I don't seem to be moving very quickly.

Maybe, deep down, there is a part of me that has started to thrive on the whole 'last minute' call to action. More likely, I've just come to accept the fact that even if I did all the cleaning and prep now, I'd just have to redo it in a frantic rush at the 44 hour mark anyways. That's life with a house full of toys, crafts, and highchairs. Things get messy.

But a butter and sugar sort of mess somehow feels right, and this part of my list was flat-out enjoyable. Since cookies are definitely not my favourite thing to bake (something about all the the piece work and multiple batches), you know this recipe must be something special. (I replaced some of the butter with shortening and was really happy with the final texture - necessity being the mother of customization).

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of 'good things'.

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