Sure, I could be cooking dinner but...

...after several days of looking at a batch of Roma tomatoes and a pot of basil, 4:45pm starts to look like a great time to make several jars of bruschetta topping.

So I grabbed that book again and got some water boiling.

After seeing (and SO loving) Julie and Julia with a girlfriend a few weeks ago, I've had an unshakeable craving for bruschetta and a Gimlet. (Not necessarily together and those of you who've also seen and loved J&J know exactly what I'm talking about.) So when I came across the small-batch preserving recipe for Bruschetta-Style Salsa, it was an instant "Must make that!" moment.
And a proclamation was issued across the kitchen: "Chicken strips and french fries tonight kids!" The masses were happy and I am well stocked for any immediate Bruschetta-style needs.

Now about that cocktail.

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