My Bottle Model

Clue #1 for Through the Loops' mystery sock - Complete! And it should be noted that there was zero head scratching, zero swearing, zero ripping, and a 100% fitting cuff in the end. These are bold statements of a very happy knitting week.

I tried to snap a picture of the cuff on my leg - I really really really tried. Pilates-style-balancing-a-camera-on-my-face-with-a-leg-in-the-air sort of tried. But in the end a bottle model seemed to make more sense.

Kirsten's instructions are so clear, with enough variety to make this a fun but completely non-frustrating knit. I am a little torn by the colourway - it may not end up doing the pattern justice but the bold and happy colours are fitting the bill at the moment. This probably means a pattern to be repeated a few times.

There is something incredibly liberating about not knowing what the pattern you are knitting will look like in the end. There's no analyzing, or comparing - just follow the directions and let things unfold. And having this small accomplishable goal for the week is a pretty wonderful way of seeing something through to completion.

And with another day to wait until Clue #2 gets posted, I think I'll go and uncork my model and grab a very heavy book. Overcast and windy can make for the best Fall afternoons.

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Tim said...

What an attractive model - hope you enjoyed opening it up!