Contraditions (Mine)

Just a few of the conflicting things I've said to my kids in the course of a week. Literal quotes, separated by hours...and occasionally only by minutes. It really is a wonder that they believe a word I say.

Don't touch your brother.

Don't touch your sister.

Give each other a hug.

: : :

Don't touch other people's things without asking. (knitting)

No touchy touchy. (knitting)

Just because it's yours, doesn't mean you get to touch it. (diaper changing)

Don't just leave that there. Pick it up. Even if it's not yours. (you name it)

: : :

You can try it but it's gonna taste gross. (play dough)

Don't put that in your mouth, it's dirty. (most things a 2 year old discovers)

Just have a taste...you'll like it. (Quesadilla)

: : :

It's important to use the proper words for things. (homework)

Don't give up. If you don't know the answer then we'll figure it out together. (10:00am)

It's not a quesadilla. It's a Mexican Pizza Pocket. (Hey - that one worked!)

Go ask Daddy. He'll know the answer. (6:48pm)


Tim said...

Very funny...won't be long before you're teaching them the old, "C'mere, go away"!

Sandy said...

amazing, the things we come up with. :)