I Spy

Over the weekend, my little gal and I went out on a "picture hunt" (and spontaneous candy run).

While crouched down and fixating on some typical folliage that I'm seeing everywhere right now, she had made her way up a berm and called down "Hey. I found a shell."

A shell? In the middle of winter, in a subdivision, surrounded by trees, across from hayfields? Not likely. I gave her the "Mmm Hmm. That's nice."

But she's a persistent one, my gal. "You wanna see it?"
It's probably a little rock or something. "Yeah sure. In just a minute ok?"

Just a minute later, I stand up expecting her to have brought me the mystery shell-rock. No way. She's waiting at the top of that berm for me, guarding her discovery.
Up I go.
And you know what it was?
It was an empty snail shell.

"Hey! It really is a shell! You just found my shot for the day! That's so cool!"

{she smiles} "Mmm Hmm. That's nice." {and she's off in search of the next discovery}

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a friend to knit with said...

aww. so good. so so good!