I'm on a roll (with one skein wonders)

So, there's been yet another scarf since we last talked stitches.  Little gal wanted one of her own, and considering she never makes knit requests (and has rarely been the recipient), how could I refuse.  Blocking as we speak...

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But while I was picking up a skein for her, another sneaky little  bundle of greyish-teal seemed to jump aboard.  Time to take a break from scarves and move onto a hat that I've had my eye on since last Fall's copy of Vogue Knitting.  One of these days I'll make it back to a bigger project, but somehow these quick portable patterns seem to best suit my days right now.  (I still take moments to daydream and dog ear a couple of sweater patterns for next Fall when the bundle of boyhood starts Kindergarten).  

293/365 - October 20 2010 (Outtake)
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(The copy that also makes me start contemplating a drastic hair switch-up again...hmmm...I mean it's only taken me a year to grow out the last hasty decision.  And I'll have the hat...that one on the left.) 

Vogue Knitting, Fall 2009


Fall had arrived on the Island of Sodor...

...but "Oh no!" tooted Thomas "These leaves are blocking the track."
Luckily Thomas had his die-cast friends nearby to help clear the way.   

These are the moments when I am acutely aware of the power of repetitive exposure to children's programming. 

286/365 - October 13 2010

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When I brought the trains outside, his jaw dropped for a moment and then he said "Whaa? We play wi' trains OUTSIDE?" Quite possibly the most brilliant idea I've pulled out in weeks.  Finding new ways to bring inside play, outside.  Making me happy and joyfully blowing his mind.

286/365 - October 13 2010 (Companion Shot)

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Moving Without Purpose (sort of)

280/365 - October 7 2010
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When I have an hour to myself my brain seems trained to zoom towards how many things I can get done.  What I can quickly jump into and rush to finish in that precious hour.  What I can race through before those extra balls are thrown back into the juggling act.   I know this sounds familiar, because everyone I talk to seems to be feeling the same way.

The new month and finally feeling settled back into the school year routine seems like the right time for few little changes. Nothing that will change the world, but maybe reclaim a few moments in the day?  Like taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to walk. To end up wherever, and snap pictures of whatever and let go of the things that will find a way of getting done...they always do.

And yes, this is a lovely autumnal way of realizing that the outfits I pulled out of winter storage could fit more comfortably. So maybe with the right playlist a brisk walk is never entirely without purpose after all.
280/365 - October 7 2010 (Outtake)

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