Sexy Knitters Club

I just signed up for the Sexy Knitters Club - a site where members from around the world share updates, questions and pictures of a Knit Along (KAL) project. I love the idea behind SKC:

"Sexy knitters unite! Let's join together to eliminate the misconception that knitting is for old ladies in rocking chairs once and for all!"

I'm waiting to find out what the upcoming KAL will be (although I'm really hoping that the kindred spirit who nominated the Minimalist Cardigan will prevail because yes, I do still hear those skeins of yarn whispering from the cupboard when I lie in bed at night). I've added a link to the site to my favourite visits and I'll be watching for some of you there!

In the meantime, still working in the round and round and round with my Rowan Tapestry.

And the countdown continues - 3 more working days. Hump day tomorrow and time is ticking by quickly. Looking around at the mess of toys and piles of paper throughout the main floor, I am actually looking forward to finally having a chance to do some serious cleaning (which will probably involve me telling Saint Hubby what needs doing since my back is pretty much shot at this point and the belly gets bigger daily). Somehow, organizing the bedroom in nursery preparation is actually making a bigger mess throughout the rest of the house - I think it's part of the process though - at least that's what I keep telling myself. It always feels great when an organizing project comes to a finish though - it's like Spring Cleaning in Fall! (Nesting is a sick sick condition!)

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