Decisions Decisions - What do you think?

For someone who hasn't been working in over a week I've been a blog-slacker lately. Lots of small bits of progress to report but suffering from a complete lack of energy as the last weeks of pregnancy take their toll and leave me napping every afternoon! But an update on WIP with pictures will follow later in the week (promise promise).

In the meantime I am looking for help in deciding which of the two SKC Knit-Alongs to do. I was pulling for Juliet in the beginning, but then I sort of set my mind on Tree Jacket as I saw it start to take a lead in the voting. Take a peak at the links with pictures of both patterns below and let me know your vote! Now that I can choose from either, I'm at a loss. I am thinking about green (think lime or granny smith apple) or purple for whichever project I pick. Need to choose soon though so that I can order yarn from the US while the dollar is still so strong (hee hee). The KAL starts in the next two weeks so needless to say I am really pulling out all the stops on Rowan Foxtail (to be seen later in the week - promise promise). And remember, the link to the Sexy Knitters Club is to the right if you want to join in on the fun.

Juliet: http://www.zephyrstyle.com/catalog/item.cfm/2367447/4944404#image_1

Tree Jacket: http://www.zephyrstyle.com/catalog/item.cfm/2367447/3974520#image_1


Anonymous said...

Personally I think that the tree jacket is a nicer pattern. Plus I think you would look nicer in it.


Lisa Anne said...

I love them both! But I think you'd get tons of wear out of the Juliet. I think I might make it too! That is if I EVER finish the pieces I have already in progress...