What to do on a rainy day?

A little knitting (of course). Cast on Tree Jacket today using Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet. It's really easy to knit with and the price can't be beat (not every project can a no-holds-barred luxury item! - or so my bank account tells me.) Thanks for all of the feedback on the knit along patterns. For those of you who shared my love for Juliet, I finally "Why Choose? Knit them both!". But I decided to knit Tree Jacket first and save Juliet for later in the winter when I can dream about Spring and short sleeves (not that there was any absence of those with the summer-like weather for this past Thanksgiving weekend).

And some last minute banana bread. When the weekly supply of bananas turn spotty (cuz they never seem to all get eaten), grab a fork and start mushing. And thanks to a tip from William Sonoma, I tented the loaf with tin foil for the last 15 minutes of baking to avoid the over-browned crust (I'm not saying burnt exactly) that seems to plague all of my banana loaf recipes. Light, golden and delicious! And it will be perfect for tomorrow's continued work on Tree Jacket and of course, the Halloween costume (progressing slowly as sitting for long periods becomes harder and harder - not to mention the challenge of getting this gigantic baby belly close enough to the table to use the sewing machine).
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April said...

I just got the pattern for the tree jacket today and am trying to decide on yarn. I keep seeing it as a deep purple (in my head) and the cotton ease is at the top of my list. Nice to see how it looks!