October Has Arrived

And with the new season, out come the sewing shears. Progress is made on the Butterfly-Fairy costume.

Tomorrow I move onto the sewing machine. Since this is the second year sewing a new variation of the same pattern it should be a snap (right?).

This year I'm making the skirt longer (because everyone knows that Fairies LOVE wearing dresses) and skipping the tutu. Time permitting, a pale pink organza 'overskirt' may be added for some extra pizzaz.

I regret to mention that this is the one (and often, the only) time of year when my husband actually sees the purchase of a sewing machine put to good use. Something I am committed to making happen more frequently throughout the year - but Halloween costume making seems a good place to start.
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Anonymous said...

Your blog has made it onto my bookmark list so keep up the good work - your blog is the only one I read. Good luck with the fairy princess II but I still lived the killer bee I. Nice reading list - I recognize them all (does the audiobook count?).


Lonely In Etobicoke