Got Milk?

I should have remembered the cardinal rule, especially with a newborn in the house again: "Expect the Unexpected"

I thought I was a multi-tasking genius until...

Baby with a full gassy belly lying on my lap
1 dose of Ovol
knitting in progress
A projectile assault on my Tree Jacket
(and my shirt, the armchair, a nursing blanket and a cushion)

Fortunately, karma has been kind and I now see the ultimate reason behind the force that inspired me to knit in an easily washable cotton. And ultimately, this sweater was bound to be subjected to a spit-up attack sooner or later (I was just expecting it to be a complete sweater and off the knitting needles at the time).

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A washcloth, some Woolite and fifteen minutes of gentle dabbing later...we're back in business and I have finally reached the end of the garter stitch torso. Now it's on to the body with just a few weeks left to go in the knit-along. So far I am amazed at how well (and quickly) this pattern is coming together and I love the use of increases to magically form the cap of the sleeve. And of course the best thing about knitting in the round - there won't be any stitching required at the end (the stage of each project where I always seem to lose steam).

In other knitting news I have finally finished all of the pieces for my Rowan Tapestry. I just need to find some time to block and then stitch it all together (which is where I will need to conquer to aforementioned urge to procrastinate). Being a complete blocking slacker, this will be one of the first projects where I am going to try and follow-through on the process since I really want to make sure the sizing of each piece matches up properly. After all the time (and money) I spent on this one it is going to get the attention it deserves.

Wow! At this rate I am going to have all of my 2007 projects off the needles by then end of December. And if I lose a few more of the baby pounds, I might even be able to wear them! What a treat it would be to start 2008 with a clean slate and a fresh stash. What a great excuse to leave the kiddies with dh while I hit a bunch of lys (and some not so local ys) over the holidays! Can you tell that I'm already looking ahead anxiously to being able to give little prince his first bottle in a few short weeks?

** I can't believe I just said 'the holidays'. How is it possible that Christmas is only 6 weeks away?**

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