The Big To Do

Yesterday's holiday musings must have inspired me to make a list and check it twice. It's "the naughty list" of things that I have put off doing around the house for the past 10 months.

Now that I can see my feet again, I can also see everything else that is on the floor. Now that I can reach above my head, I can see how chaotic all of the cupboards look. And now that the main floor is once again (happily) strewn with diaperbag, playpen and carseat (oh my) I can no longer fight the urge to organize, organize, organize. Just how long is the nesting instinct supposed to last?

While I was working full-time and and juggling schedules with far too many things to do, it was so tempting to settle for 'surface clean' living. Now that I'm home full-time, I keep discovering all of the little hidden clutters that have mysteriously grown in the household nooks and crannies.

Since my magic wand is out of order and Santa and the elves don't seem to cover domestic duties, it's time make a list (because that's what we Virgos do) and kick-off Operation Clean-up and the 5-week countdown to the Festive Season.

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