Stitched Up

I was flipping through my knitting books and magazines recently (the days have been long and rainy) and was inspired by all of the stitch patterns I found. Until recently most of my projects have used basic garter, stockinette or moss stitch, so I've decided to set myself a challenge for the next year: learn (and share) one new stitch pattern a week.

To start things rolling I set aside an hour this morning (I keep telling you I'm a slow knitter!) and learned this variation on a rib knit. Check back again next Friday for another installment.

Multiple of 6 (repeat) plus 2 plus 2 plus edge stitches.

| = Edge Stitch
x = Knit
o = Purl
NOTE: Repeat the stitches in red as many times as required to meet your desired width. Repeat these rows as many times required to meet desired length.

1 | o o x x x x o o |
2 | x x o o o o x x |
3 | o o x x x x o o |
4 | x x o o o o x x |
5 | o o x x x x o o |
6 | x x x x x x x x |
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