Wednesday WIP

It has felt like a pretty lame knitting week. I really wish that I was able to knit faster so that I could actually share some meaningful progress from week to week. I've managed a few rows each day but my lap (and more importantly my arms) have been taken over by my little mama's boy who loves being cuddled for as many hours a day as possible. And really - how can I resist?

But here is my Wednesday Work in Progress anyways (I'm going to try to make this a new blogging ritual and maybe it will inspire to speed up progress from week to week):

Foxtail - Still in two pieces and still waiting to be blocked and sewn up (a situation that probably won't change until December so that I can focus on finishing Tree Jacket).

Tree Jacket - ARRGGGH! Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, but I seem to be completely incapable of consistently counting to 8. I started the patterned body and was working quickly for the first 15 rows or so until I realized that somewhere along the line, the pattern wasn't lining up anymore and that I had obviously miscounted my stitches somewhere along the line. After searching and even trying to correct the stitching over the next row, I faced-up to the futility. I ended up frogging all the way back to the garter stitch because I figured it would take less time in the end. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and move on. Today I managed to complete several rows and am back-on-track but I also realized that the knit-along is closing at the end of November. I'm not sure if I'll make the deadline (no surprise there) but I haven't completely given up hope. At the very least I am still committed to finishing my 2007 projects before the end of December so that I can start 2008 with a fresh knitting slate!

Mystery Scarf - I am hoping to quickly knit a new winter staple for Princess and was planning a tricolour keyhole scarf in various shades of pink. When I went to buy yarn on the weekend though I made the mistake of taking Jules with me and she was adamant about selecting a purple boucle (which I would never have picked and which doesn't match her winter jacket - but hey, a girl has a right to an opinion even at the age of 3). In the end I bought her the skein she picked but have to admit that my enthusiasm has waned a little. Hopefully some progress to report for next week's Wednesday WIP.

And now, baby crying in the background which means that the lap is about to be taken over again (and I love every minute! nothing keeps you warmer on a cold rainy day)

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