Feeling That Festive Spirit

Let the Festivities begin! There's nothing like a little bit (or in some cases a lot) of sugar to kick-start the countdown to the holidays.

The blog has been very inactive this week; no Wednesday WIP, no Stitch of the Week but plenty of other activities taking over every spare moment:

  • Decorated our Holiday Tree
  • Hung outdoor lights (okay - so that was just 15 minutes ago!)
  • Started shopping for gifts (and thankfully all of the 'hard to shop fors' are checked off my list)
  • Menu planning, menu planning and more menu planning (now the real work begins)
  • Visit to Santa (Julia was decidedly against actual interaction this year so spectator sport only, by request)
  • Open House at the Daycare (cookies, squares and candies galore!)
  • And last but not least...decorated our Gingerbread House (total girl-time fun while the boys went shopping)
All of that accomplished even despite Matthew's most recent development; learning that daytime is made for action. There were actually a few days this week when naptime lasted no longer than 15 minutes (yikes!). But in other news, he just spent the last two nights successfully sleeping in his crib, in his own room and coincidentally he has dropped his midnight feeding (3:00am and 5:30am are still favourites though - groan). It's a little sad loosing my bedside roommate but the time feels right and he certainly seems to be enjoying the extra room for stretching out.

In knitting news I do have one very exciting update. Foxtail is off the needles after 7 months. I know that sounds like a long time but it's actually pretty average for me, especially with other projects going on at the same time and with all the other excitement of life over the past several months. I still have a few final rows of finishing to add around the edges and then it definitely needs to be blocked, however that will likely have to wait until the New Year and closer to the time when it will actually fit properly. Let's be realistic - it's only been 6 weeks since Matthew was born and it took 9 whole months to put the weight on to begin with (hee hee). Picture to follow soon though.
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