26 Post Challenge (E)

Wow, this A-Z is really doing the trick; while thinking about the letter E one word popped into my head and has quickly transformed into a new project that I'm super excited about.

E is for Embroidery.

Before the knitting bug hit, I was seriously into cross-stitching and still love using embroidery thread for a fine, detailed effect with really vibrant colour and sheen.

For the longest time I've been working on a series of Oriental rug miniatures. I have a couple already completed and patiently waiting to be framed.

Each of these took about a year to finish and since the pictures don't really give you an appreciation for the number of stitches, here is a peak at the backside. I'm talking thousands and thousands and teeny tiny little x's.

And here is one more in the early stages waiting for some one-on-one time when the weather warms up and I set the knitting aside (occasionally).

But now back to the new project that E has inspired. When my daughter was born someone very special passed along an amazing set of framed, vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations.
*Sorry about the size. If you double click the image you'll see them in better detail.*

But you'll notice that the oh-so-important White Rabbit is missing. That simply won't do! So I grabbed my copy of this classic and found the perfect black and white illustration right at the beginning. And down the rabbit hole we go.

I remembered some muslin that I had buried in my stash (Oh my gosh - I have stash! How did that happen considering how little I was sewing before this year?) This project seems meant to be!

I'm going to trace a simplified version of the illustration and start split-stitching away. And since I'm working from a black and white line drawing I'm feeling really inspired to let that rainbow of colours lead the way with complete freedom.


sissa missa said...

eggs definately eggs...they are this magical little orb that can so easily be turned in to so many thing it is ridiculous(not even considering they can turn in to chickens that then create more eggs). Partly just cause I made a super yummy egg/soup/ham/swiss chard cassarole last week which completely left me drooling for more.

Patty said...

I do cross stitch too and I have a good idea how long it took you to stitch those rugs. You, my dear, are my new hero! Wow!

Tim said...

The cross stitches look amazing!!