26 Post Challenge (D)

The D of the day is for digital photos. There are so many moments and so much inspiration being shared through this incredible medium (hello...FLICKR).

For a bit of fun and proof of 'point and click' ease, I'm sharing some unedited pictures that my 3 year old took using her new/our old camera. I'm still a little blown away by the fact that we a) have already replaced a digital camera that's considered 'outdated' and b) have a 3 year old who completely understands how to use it. I handed the camera over a few months ago and it's been so much fun to see images of the world through Julia's eyes (including at least 100 pictures of her baby brother!).

When it comes to the pre-school photographer - D is for Dora.

Mommy's knitting of course (you can date this picture by the since abandoned Tree Jacket which comes back to haunt me!)
Blocking some late afternoon sun (and waiting for Daddy to get home from work)

Mama caught blogging...?

But we still love an old-fashioned unplugged battery-free hands-on boardgame. Well...some members of the family do (hmm...hmmm...yes my husband, that is a stab at you and your complete resistance to playing boardgames. And you probably aren't reading this so once again my attempts to persuade you are in vain...sigh).


Kristin said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure I have a D.
Diapers, I am switching to cloth diapers and have been researching them today.
I like these alphabet posts

sissa missa said...

OMG I took two of my kids outside today to let them do some picture with my D80. The result in like 2 tries is quite possibly my fav picture of the school year up till now. I does always floor me how great the little "darlings" can get pictures.

My D however it for dessert, with runners up of detours, drunken debauchery, and dinosaurs(or a detour to see the drunkenly debaucherous dinosaurs) And of course that other D word that had me moving here for work....