Summer Dress in the Making

Today - Cutting and hemming
Tomorrow - Shirring
To Come - Sunshine

* I've never finished a dress let alone shirred one. I am optimistic though. *

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Freckled Nest said...

optimism will go so far!! you can do it Elizabeth!!

photography4me said...

I see your into sewing to huh? I just started to learn how to quilt this year. I am a avid reader of the red velvet kit club, and when Rachel posted a tutorial on making a lap quilt I jumped on the chance. Well I have everything together except for the binding. i have been procrastinating for so long b/c I am unsure of my abbilities to do it correctly.....sooooo I watched some you tube today on quilt binding and things are making a little more sense. I am going to cut my binding pieces tonight and start the process. Of course after a trip to DQ I want some ice cream lol!!

Good luck on your projects.

Jerrie said...

thank you! thank you! thank you! You really touched me by your comment!

You are very creative btw! something we both have in commen! well it's good to have a new blogger friend!

tania said...

Love that photo!!!Great depth of field.

Kristin said...

I have no idea what shiring is, I will stay tuned with great interest.

Coralee said...

it is a new day, a new year and just because you haven't finished before, doesn't mean you won't now. Go for it, you can do it!