26 Post Challenge (A)

I've been struggling with a lack of ideas for posts lately and feel like it's the same old same old every time I login to my Blogger account.

So, for a tried and true jumpstart (and a great chance to work on improving my indoor photo skills) I give you Post 1 of 26 Posts of Home-Spinspiration.

It's going to be 26 letters and 26 posts of the things I am inspired by, surround myself with and am grateful for. I'll still be including a few updates on the knitting and sewing projects that are finding their way to completion but in the meantime I bring you ... A ...

...for Art. All types of art from drawings to paintings and from crafts to writing.
Art surrounds us, teaches us and inspires us to go back and create more; create our own.

One of my favourite classes (probably because I took it totally for my own enjoyment) was Art History. Sitting in a dark auditorium on Thursday evenings with a tall coffee ('cause continuing ed students require caffeine) watching slide after slide of amazing art throughout human history. Observing, dissecting and discussing the awe-inspiring works of artists whose craft documented their time and formed a foundation for even more creation to spring forth. I didn't even mind the memorizing; it was sort of like a game-show by the time I was done with all those flashcards. "Who is - Manet. What is - The Picnic."

And remembering how much I enjoyed painting and how much more of it I should really motivate myself to start doing again. This was a Colour Theory exercise from back in those same dark auditorium with large coffee days. Another amazingly fun class.

Guache on Watercolour Paper. By...moi. Untitled apart from the label which I guess is sort of it's title now. "Colours of Equal Brilliance".

So tell me, what is A bringing to you today?


Kristin said...

Apple pie!! I have been desperate for apple pie for months and I finally got it made today.
Great idea. It's hard work comng up with something fun to say everyday.

tania said...

A is for Anthropologie...lol...i love this idea about the atoz blog. I might try it in the summer when, in thoery i should have more time.