26 Post Challenge (L)

L is for Lounging! After yesterday's post I feel like popping in a movie and catching up on the knitting which has only been getting attention on a 'row here, row there' basis lately. The only other thing on today's to-do list is making a pot of Potato and Leek soup (and then curling back up with a bowl and resuming the lounge position).

L is also for Local and here is a quick shout-out to some local favourites.

Kerr Village Organic Farmers Market (returning mid-June 2008) - This is a very small market so it's worth arriving early if you are going for produce. There are lots of great vendors there throughout the morning as well. There is a call-out for vendors going on right now if you are anyone you know has something to contribute.

Spun Fibre Arts - Great variety in a warm, friendly atmosphere (and a really good Roti shop a few doors down). They also carry a great selection of organic yarns. Read their Spring newsletter for some more information on this popular topic.

Stoney's Bread Company - Just typing those words made me hungry. The smell of fresh artisan bread hits you the moment you walk in the door. Delicious pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, smoothies, salads...oh it's all just good good good.

Oakville Jazz Festival and Oakville Waterfront Festival - Dreaming ahead towards these sure signs of summer.

Oakville Trails and Bruce Trail - I'm looking forward to some outdoor time with the family this Spring/Summer.

Abbozo Gallery and Cora Britten - A terrific local gallery and the place where I first discovered works by this amazing and imaginative local artist.

Have a great weekend!


Kristin said...

We are lounging today too! Also thinking about local, I am anxious for our farmer's market to get started. We were going to head up to the local organic farm this morning but we'll wait til out the rain.

siss miss said...

Lounging and local are completely logical for this letter. Just be careful if you lounge with watch Londons League of Gentleman as it may leave you asking are you local. And if not stop touching ther precious things. Sorry it had to be said...


tania said...

What movie did you lounge with? I am so excited about the return of the farmer's market too!

Elizabeth said...

Lounging didn't last nearly as long as I was hoping. Little Niblet had other plans for the day which included cuddles, rolling time, bouncing time, more cuddles etc. I did manage to rewatch most of Amelie though (always so good!) and finish a couple of rows of knitting. It was a good day.

Anonymous said...

I forgot but you are Lacking Laughing which hopefully lends itself to Lounging