26 Post Challenge (M)

M is for Minimalist Cardigan which is still holding at about 85% completion. I'm onto the last sleeve though so it should be finished before I run out of letters. *Yes this alphabet thing really is creating a wonderful sense of deadline on my projects! I have an upcoming letter that I'm aiming for.*

But with no new Cardi photos to share in the meantime, let's make M for money and talk about the value of two hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Make that 2 hours, and as many years of letting change collect in a tin. In the end you could end up with $145.50 like we did (plus another tin of pennies still waiting to be added to the tally). Julia and I had a productive afternoon; she was in charge of sorting based on size (I taped a sample of each to an assortment of plastic cups) while I looked after supervising, packaging and reminding Julia to keep sorting.

Don't worry - I'll make sure she gets her cut of the loot after my trip to the bank and before hitting the local yarn store. What's minimum wage these days?

And of course (because again, I have to be a little predictable) M is for his Majestic Monsier Matthew


Anonymous said...

I sorted and cashed in Ken's change after we got married, I think it was $90. Now I don't let it accumulate, I just spend it!!

Tim said...

Can "M" also be for Mariah, whose new album came out this week (April 15th)? Coincidentally, my favourite song on the album is "Migrate", which also fits this week's theme nicely too....

Funny...Russell always collects all this change over time, and yet I never do. Yes, I'm that annoying person in line counting out the 86 cents, 2 loonies and a twoonie on the $4.86 order. How else are you supposed to get rid of it, though?