26 Post Challenge (O)

I'm back on that Spring thing again (and it's actually double digit degrees out today so can you really blame me?) and my thoughts are definitely turning to Spring Cleaning. So, O is for Organizing which is big on my mind these days.

I think it's 1 part inspiration from the changing season and 1 part life with an almost 6 month old. I remember going through the same mood when Julia turned this age (I think it's a delayed final burst of nesting). All of a sudden I seem to shake off the stupor of adjusting to life with baby and jump into an organizing mode that celebrates making room for another active member in the house.

And I know I've talked before about my fondness for lists when I get into the organizing mood, so without further ado:

The List of Things To Organize Our Home and Drive My Husband Insane
(Spring & Summer 2008)

1. Organize Matthew's bedroom closet (as in take all my junk out of there - it's the final frontier in organizing what was a spare room for 9 years)
2. Organize kitchen pantry and clear out the miscellany of cleaning items which have multiplied on the top shelf. Streamline and replace with home-made, environmentally and home friendly substitutes.
3. Clean out and organize the basement storage room. Add shelving for the kitchen gadgets which only come out once a year (yes, fondue pot, I'm talking to you) and for preserves which may actually get made this summer.
4. Organize sewing, knitting and art supplies (actually more fun than chore!)
5. Organize digital photo folders (not bad but could use better descriptions) and organize printed photos (which are shameful, probably because I keep relying on the not so badly organized digital photo folders). Finish Julia's first year scrapbook and start same for Matthew (again, I have very good ones for them on the computer - we have a trend here).
6. Redesign art area for kids in the kitchen and buys bins for storage under buffet.
7. Organize more toy/kiddie stuff storage in the basement (and get some of the rapidly growing overflow off of the mainfloor...sigh...).
8. The return of gates and low to floor baby proofing! (Cause as soon as Matthew figures out how to work the legs and arms together, he is going to take off like a Tasmanian devil).

Before and after reports to follow (unless I completely lose steam and decide to just sit on the back deck with my knitting - which is entirely possible).

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cassie the cast said...

again with the mocking of me with the soreness and the knitting... maybe you should add organizing my apartment to your list as I am all broken sigh