26 Post Challenge (P)

P is for Puppets - a favourite past-time in these parts.

Finger-puppets to be exact.

Our collection began with a little red monkey given to me when I was pregnant with Julia (because we used to call her 'the little monkey' when she would jump around in my belly).

And we now have a tin full of finger-friends ranging from animals to fairy tale characters and from manufactured to handknit.

Which brings me to that mystery purchase at IKEA a few weeks back. Introducing the latest additions - a deep sea collection. Every once in a while IKEA puts out a new package of characters (for the past few years they've had a Royal Family set complete with Jester, Knight and Dragon) and they are a great bargain at about $10. And best of all, a game that the whole family can play (although Matthew would probably be more interested in chewing on puppet parts so perhaps he makes a better 'audience' for now).

On with the show!

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