26 Post Challenge (R)

R is for Recipes (and the yummy adventures that sometimes arise from ignoring them).

One of my favourite things about being on leave has been the extra time available to cook. I love leafing through cookbooks (usually torturing myself with the pictures) and soaking up the Food Channel. I love experimenting with new recipes and new ingredients. And of course I love reaping the rewards come mealtime.

Yesterday was a baking day and I ended up with one of my new favourite homemade cookies. I am obsessed with Starbucks ginger molasses cookies and will honestly count them up there as one of the rituals I miss from my office days. So you can imagine my excitement when Leslie shared this recipe for Giant Ginger Cookies (courtesy of Martha Stewart) over at A Friend to Knit With.

They are soft, chewy, spicy and irresistible. And best of all - they are totally an adult cookie that Princess has no interest in (which means more for me!). They even look pretty cooling on the rack as I keep playing with lighting for indoor photographs.

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