26 Post Challenge (T)

I have to admit that I was a little stumped for a T today. So I've decided to give today's entry over to the latest evening ritual around here and make T for The Tudors.

It's always so much fun to have a complete season of a show to watch marathon-style and this one has been well worth the wait. As soon as the kids are in bed, hubby and I are glued to the tv and have been pushing bedtime later and later. Forgiving a few historical question marks this is a totally juicy, big production, well acted and totally captivating series. But sadly we only have about four episodes left to go and a while to wait before we have all of Season 2 at the ready. So I'm taking early recommendations for another series so we can avoid total withdrawal by next week.

Watching The Tudors and looking for a T also got me thinking about Tapestry. And then that got me thinking about how disappointed I was to have missed visiting the Cloisters when we were in New York. So I decided to enjoy a virtual visit here and grabbed a few favourites to share.

1. The Unicorn in Captivity, 1495–1505, South Netherlandish
2. Embroidery with the Annunciation, mid-15
th century, Netherlandish
The Pentecost, ca. 1150–1175 (Mosan)
Opus Anglicanum , late 15th century, English (Chasuble)

I guess I had a T after all.

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Lisa said...

First, I'm seriously impressed with your 26 day challenge.
Now, as for serious to watch marathon style, I suggest: Six Feet Under, Big Love, Dead Like Me. For starters.