26 Post Challenge (U)

U is for Updates on this that and the other.

I went into this 26 Post Challenge with projects on the go, and several more seem to have popped up along the way. And I guess that just goes to show that A-Z has been giving me the inspiration I was looking for.

So here is where I'm at with a few of the projects I've talked about over the previous 20 posts.

  • Minimalist Cardigan may look like a big pile of moss stitch but...

...put 'em all together and you have a back, two front, and 1 1/2 arms. The second arm should be finished this weekend and then it's onto connecting the neckband, blocking and stitching. And then I'll have a nice warm wool cardi just in time for the summer (hmmm...that didn't quite work out as planned?)

  • Sewing has been interrupted lately but the place mats are coming together and should be quick work once I get a solid block of time free. I'm loving these colours and really enjoying spending some quality time with my sewing machine.

  • And last but not least, all the planning work is done for my embroidery project. I've plotted out the colour scheme and transferred the design. Now it's onto the fun part.
But let's finish off that sweater and those place mats first.

One more week of letters to go but first it's going to be a busy weekend collecting V,W,X,Y and Zzzzzzzzzs.

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