Knock Knock

Jokes -The latest addition to conversations with our (almost) 4 year old. It's really just a concept at this point. They have a formula, and they end with her laughing hysterically, which makes us laugh hysterically.

And if the punchlines make sense to any of you I would be very grateful if you would share. As best I can figure they just sort of morph out of whatever's going on at the moment.

So here is a spur of the moment freshly dictated installment brought to you by the stand-up stylings of my pre-schooler:

Why does a dog go on the street?
Because he eats cars.
Why does the girl cross the road with the ball?
Because she likes to get her ball.
Why does a computer eat printers?
Because he eats glass.
Knock knock
Who's There?
Glass Who?
Just glass.
"That's all the jokes I know today mama."

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Auntie M said...

clearly the princess it trying to tell you that she is hungry for some food served in a glass and that she would like a ball for her birthday. clearly the joke was on you mama.

knock, knock
whose there?
a blue friend from the street for Julia
and yes you should be able to figure this one out...me and my feindishly cryptic clues