"Who is Annie Braddock?"

Grayer: "Clowns are supposed to be funny."
Annie Braddock: "Well, they're French clowns Grove."

Mrs. X (arguing with Mr. X in the study): Keep your voice down, there are mimes in the other room.

* * *
Sometimes when you expect the very least from a movie, you end up finding that it's exactly what you were looking for.

Why I like this movie:
  • New York
  • Colours, fabrics, flowers
  • Characters living in extremes (that make you appreciate in-betweens)
  • Mimes and hand puppets
  • Narration through an Anthropologist's Journal
So take a moment (go ahead and take several) and think about your answer to the question "Who is [your name]?". Finding the answer is the journey.

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Miss M said...

I hate you, for some reason I am completely addicted to this movie now. It starts out as I will play it in the background while I do some work. I have ended up watching it about 4 times in the last 4 days, not even counting the times I fell asleep. ARG