An Itty Bitty Garden(er)

We've been having some pretty crazy rainy moments (with a quick round of hail thrown in on the weekend) so She-Who-Must-Be-Four and I spent some time gardening indoors.

And now we are patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting to see the results.

And our hot water situation? A lot of waiting, a few more calls than a customer wants to make, and we now have a brand new hot water heater with only a bill for a bit of piping. And bonus hooray - our new unit is actually more energy efficient than the first one!

Showers for everyone. Oh, and this e-mail from He-Who-Must-Be-Seven-Months-Old to Big Daddy at work (ok I may have helped him with some of the spelling).

Hey Dada. That useless mother of mine finally gave me a stinkin’ bath.

Good grief – how much orange mush does a kid have to roll in

before he can get a little spa time around this joint.

Ahhhhhh...so much better.

I think I’ll take a nap now.


Man Cub

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