Money Pit ... Oh Yes, It Continues

Remember this rant about the money pit?

Well, this weekend we discovered a huge wet spot in the finished basement.

We have a leak.

It's the water heater.

The water heater is leaking.

(Could be worse. The words "foundation" and "crack" were tossed around until we finally managed to find the source.)

We've turned off the water heater.

We have no hot water.

The water heater is rented. We don't pay for fixing or possible replacement. I'm relieved and carrying on with my day.

I have not showered. I don't enjoy not showering.

But here are some happy pictures to make up for the latest money pit adventures.

Before Stucco. After Stucco.

We like money pit with Stucco. It keeps the house much cooler in the summer (and logically, it should keep the house warmer in the winter). We like insulation and we like saving energy and money.

Now, time to do something about the front door. It's on the list of summer projects. I'm thinking black, or perhaps a dark green.

Money pit I tell ya.

1 comment:

Patty said...

OOooh! I likey! I like the black idea too. Or very dark green. Yup, either would like very nice.

Houses, cars and children. Yep, all money pits!

How is the running going?