A Post of Balls, Birds and Brewing Ideas


I'm not regularly much of a sports fan, but I find it hard to resist the big extravaganza matches. I guess I'm sort of a 'prom' sports watcher; I hold out for the pomp and circumstance. And for some reason I find it hard to resist watching a good soccer match. Maybe it's the players, maybe it's the shorts, maybe it's the interesting hats you see in the stands? I'm sure it has more than just a little to with the fact that it's 90 minutes of prime knitting time with everyone else in the house distracted.

Me, my knitting, and my equally eager soccer watching hub, have been happily settling in for UAFA Euro 2008. And it's going to be a double-bill this summer with the Olympics just around the corner. Oh sweet knitting time. I mean...sports...cheering...whoop whoop.

Click here to bring (knitting time) Euro2008 to your house.


We observe their early morning feasting. We feed them and have trees that welcome them. I open the windows and love to hear their musical conversations throughout the day.

But there is something I just have to put out there. I'm really starting to take issue with the death-toll. 3 dead birds since the beginning of May and feeling like I'm finding carcasses at each turn is starting to freak me out. Is it just our house - have we somehow become the resting spot of choice in the local winged community? Are they advertising?

I understand that this is part of nature; I accept that this is a shared corner on earth and that my garden is also their habitat. I really don't want to sound like the house-hogging, land developing, squeamish, bubble-dwelling, bio-phob here but...EWWWWW. And there it is in black and white - my moment of 'not in my backyard' ranting. And now I'm going to move on, try to get in touch with my deeper (very deep at the moment) nature-spirit, and try to set aside thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock.

Brewing Ideas

I'm going to be dropping in and out of this space over the next few weeks. I've been thinking about the blog a lot lately and have some new directions in mind. Still thinking them through though - not sure if I want to overhaul here or wander into a new space. I'll keep you posted (get it...posted...).

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