Cowl Bells and Whistles

Remember that dose of inspiration I ordered? Well, it arrived this morning and not a moment too soon. I'm about 15 rows into a quick mini-project (just what I needed to break the knitting slump) and can't wait to set my Knit Picks Options needles to full clicking speed. I actually just transferred my knitting onto the new set, and I'm already in love with these amazing needles.

The tips are much sharper then what I've been using and the yarn positively glides along the beautiful polished surface (with just enough resistance to keep me from slipping stitches all over the place); it's like cutting butter with a hot knife! And as a kit, I now have all of my favourite needle sizes and cable lengths so I'm ready to 'lock and load' for whatever projects lie ahead. And come on - aren't they just pretty. And all girls deserve to have pretty toys to play with now and again.

Pssst...I also snuck in that hour of reading I was hoping for. I even tagged a 20 minute afternoon nap onto the end. Such a luxurious Saturday afternoon treat.


Patty said...

Those are seriously gorgeous needles. Tell me more about em...

Can't wait to see the quick and dirty project!

sissa said...

precious me wants the needles I covet I covet not fair. Maybe these would get me knittign again Ihave been rather lax lately and I want to get started on some "scarves for my kids for next year( yes I'm a freak).