Process or product? Which are you?

I was so excited to get my copies of SewU and SewU Home Stretch this week. Bloggers have been raving about Wendy Mullin and her books (and I can quickly see why!).

I can't wait to get stitchin' towards my goal of actually using my sewing machine as much as I begged for it (until I got it, and then got pregnant, and then had kids, and then ran out of time altogether). I've been off to a good start with a few straight forward projects this year, and now with some Built by Wendy inspiration, I'm ready to crank up the volume and try making some clothing for myself. And if I get good, then I think I totally deserve a serger next...right? (There will need to be a lot of sewing before that shows up on my table...and on my Visa).

My favourite part of the books so far, are the organizing tips. Wendy has some of the coolest ideas for spaces that are big, small, or even portable (like, ironing fusable interfacing onto patterns that you want to use time and time again or making a 'scrap fabric chain' so you can easily remember what you have hidden away). But more on that in the weeks ahead as I get moved into action.

The books, thoughts about organizing, the tips on getting a project in motion - all of this has got me thinking about what I like in crafting (or anything, really). I'm discovering that I'm about process more than product. It's really the thought of starting something new, and the act of creating, that charges my batteries (in between the moments when it frustrates me to the point of pulling my hair out). And of course I do love 'the product' when I'm done, but really, that's just a huge bonus. The fun to be had in seeking out inspiration, the rush that comes when you find it, and the absolute pleasure that comes when you are doing what you enjoy and what you choose - those really are the best parts. The product is just this amazing (or sometimes, the not-so-amazing) object that takes you back to all those great moments and feelins along the way. And in the case of my new sweater, it also keeps me warm and comfy.

So, process or product? Which are you? (click here to unlock your own mystery)


Lisa said...

ESFJ - which is weird because I almost always come out as I something something J. Huh. Anyway, I'm process over product.

Lisa said...

Okay, I did a test today and came out as INFJ. Isn't that odd???