Canada D'Eh

Ours included lots of sunshine. Lots of sunshine calls for lots of ice-cream, and luckily this was opening week for an amazing new ice cream shop in town. They make their own incredible line of flavours on-site and blend in some pretty awesome treats (peanut butter cups, fresh fruits, candies and cookies galore). My family of purists enjoyed Chocolate (with gummy bears for Princess) and Vanilla Bean (and nothing but for Big Daddy) while I gobbled up Cheesecake Cream with cherries (no picture of mine since in a photographing vs. eating situation, eating always wins).

Another walk along the waterfront and the downtown main street. Lots of shops open and lots of shops closed.

But everywhere we looked there was plenty of red and white to be found.

Hope you are enjoying yours.


missa said...

we have 2 of these in London town as well(and I have tried them both simply in the interest of checking for consistency and quality control issues. I must admit that I havwe not found better ice cream around than the marble slab, except maybe the Kawartha Dairy, oh childhood memories I think that might be made better only by nestalga...Happy Canada day, tried to call but you are off galavanting around with the much fun to be had. Everything here is closed except the gym, why must places of torture be open on days designed for ice cream eating.

Now that I know you have an ice cream shop I may just have to come for a visit...I will try to give you a call later in the week, now I must go convince myself that I don't want ice cream

Elizabeth said...

I know sweetums - sooo addictive. It's going to be an expensive and highly dairy-licious summer now that this discovery has been made. We will hook up soon between messages (hee hee).

Tim said...

Geez...whatever happened to all the cool stuff being in the big city? You two definitely have a leg up on me in the ice cream department, although Margaret and I did enjoy some gelato on Monday at my former bragging spot Solferino - I sure do miss the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood sometimes.

Humble as it is, maybe I'll try to convince Russell to take me out to the Baskin Robbins tonight after the gym (yes, Melissa, that pleasure/pain parodox seems to come up for all of us....)